18FET 80A/95V Sine Wave Xie Chang Controller

18FET 80A/95V Sine Wave Xie Chang Controller


These controllers are built around the 18FET IRFB4110 platform. Designed with the MXUS 3K-Turbo motors in mind, these are colour coded to match. This will also run very well on a large range of high-power brushless motors.

We had these controllers customized with heavy duty trace upgrades to minimize the resistance on the board and maximize the current being fed to the motor. Because of the customized features and build process, we believe these controllers will significantly outperform the competition, and run cooler doing so. Programmed for 80 Amps of Battery current, these controllers are not for the faint of heart.


Annodized Aluminum Housing with large fins for better heat dissipation

18FET Xie Chang Design with Silent Sine Wave operation (IRFB4110 MOSFETs)
All input connectors are CA V3 compatible for easy upgrades to the Cycle Analyst V3 Display.

4mm2 (~10AWG) Phase & Battery Wires

Bare Battery & Phase Wires. (You will need to solder on your own connectors. We recommend XT90 connectors for the battery, and XT150 for the phases)
Includes CA Connector, USB Programming Connector & Regen Braking Enabled.
Connectors for 3-Speed Switch, Cruise, and power-ON/OFF

We recommend pairing this controller with a Cycle Analyst V3 Display, available from our associates Kinaye motorsport here.

Controller only. Throttle, ebrake levers, etc. sold separately.